NGC 1499

California Nebula in H Alpha


Telescope : William optics FLT 98 CF

Camera : Starlight Xpress SXVR H35 Full frame

Filters : Baader H@ 7 nm

Mount : I Optron IEQ45

Guiding : 70 mm Vixen guidingscope and Meade DSI 1 using PHD

Exposure : 4x 20 min  (1 dark for BPM and 100 Biasframes)

Processing : Nebulosity and PS CS 2 

Location : Wateren

Date : 05-03-2011

My first test in the field at the starparty in Wateren with the new mount.

Conditions were not perfect , had to start the capture sequence 3 times over again due to incoming clouds,

Nevertheless I am happy with the result.