M42 Orion Nebula Bi-Color



Telescope : William optics FLT 98 CF

Camera : Starlight Xpress SXVR H35 Full frame

Filters : H@ - OIII (H@ = Red , OIII = Blue , H@/OIII = sGreen)

OIII 2x2

Mount : Vixen GP-DX

Guiding : 70 mm Vixen guidingscope and Meade DSI 1 using PHD

Exposure : 6 x 15 min subs H@ - OIII - SII (1 dark for BPM and 100 Biasframes)

Processing : Nebulosity and PS , CS 2 

Location : Wateren and The Haque

Date : 10-10-2010 and 09-01-2011

Conditions : -1 Celcius


Combination of H@ and OIII taken under totally different skies.

H@ in Wateren (best skies in Holland). 1x1 binning

and OIII in The Haque (worst skies in Holland). 2x2 binning

A synthetic green was made in PS (steve Cannistra)

Due to the 2x2 binning I had forgotten to take a darkframe in 2x2 , so in the OIII image no darks applied.

Also the Biasmaster couldn,t be used due to the same issue.

I also forgot to allign the camera's rotation on the H@ image , So this image is more a crop of M42.

The blue and red artefacts are probably caused by the problems mentioned above.

next time better!!